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İletim Elektrik was founded on February 14, 1980 by İslam DEMİR, Yüksel DEMİR, İlhan DEMİR and Kenan ŞENGÜN, based in Istanbul, with the aim of marketing electric motors, Kavi enameled coil wires and insulation materials.

In 1984, we started to import capacitors from Europe and various countries of the world together with press tape, polyester flm, leim pastes, heat shrinkable spools, heat resistant glass fiber spools and glass fiber tapes, PVC electrical insulation tapes.

In 1990, we added GAMAK electric motors to our import product group and in 1994 we expanded our product range by adding multimeters, pensammeters and powersupply electrical measurement devices.

In 1998, we started to import AC/DC contactors, W automata, compact switches and automation materials from the Far East. We are still in an effort to continue this business and to be one of the organizations in this sector in Turkey. We carry out these activities in our 1.400 m2 headquarters located on Karaköy Bankalar Caddesi No:16/A, in our 1.200 m2 branch located in Perpa Trade Center A Blok Kat:2 No:9-0003, in our 2.100 m2 new branch located in Avcılar Firüzköy Boulevard Erguvan Street and in our 1.800 m2 warehouse located in Avcılar and we serve you with our experienced staff of 28 people.

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